orthodontic problems


If you are involved in an accident that causes trauma to the teeth, gums, lips or jaws which may or may not include bleeding call your FAMILY DENTIST. If you can not reach your dentist call or go to the emergency room.

EXAMPLES: chipped tooth, tooth loose or knocked out, a blow that causes swelling or bleeding of face, cuts, tooth ache, etc...



a. For teeth to be slightly loose during orthodontic treatment.
SOLUTION: Don't worry.

b. For teeth to be sore after your orthodontic appointment, adjustments of RPE, starting headgear, or lip bumper.
SOLUTION: Take the recommended dose of Ibuprophen (Advil, Medipren, Nuprin) or Tylenol if allergic to Asprin or Ibuprophen. 4 times a day (with meals) for 3-5 days.

c. For lips and cheeks to develop ulcers or raw areas in the first few months after braces are placed.
SOLUTION: Place wax over bracket that is rubbing the area. A wet cotton ball works well also.


a. For bands or brackets to be loose..
SOLUTION: Don't panic! Call the office as soon as possible for an appointment. If after office hours, leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. STOP WEARING any appliance that is attached to that band. Example: lip bumper, headgear or elastics. If the band can be removed, place it in an envelope and BRING IT WITH YOU!

b. For wires to stick out and rub cheeks or lips.
SOLUTION: Place a small amount of wax over wire (or wet cotton ball) and call the orthodontic office for an appointment. Leave a message on the answering machine if it is after office hours.

c. For a separator to come out before your appointment.
SOLUTION: Call our office to make an appointment to have it replaced. Leave a message for a return call if the office is closed.

d. For an appliance to be lost or broken.
SOLUTION: Call for an appointment to repair or replace the appliance. Leave a message for a return call if the office is closed.

e. For lip bumper or headgear not to fit or rub ulcers on the lips or cheeks.
SOLUTION: STOP WEARING the appliance and call for an appointment for adjustment during office hours or leave a message if the office is closed.

f. For RPE to be loose.
SOLUTION: STOP TURNING KEY. If headgear is being worn witth RPE, STOP WEARING IT. Call our office for an appointment to replace the appliance during normal office hours or leave a message if the office is closed.

NOTE: If this does not take care of the problem and if you can not wait until the office is open, call the emergency number (EMERGENCY ONLY: 910-624-3706 ).



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